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Overview of Unexpected

Adversity doesn’t discriminate. Live long enough and unforeseen turns happen to all of us, and how we navigate through these times, ultimately determine who we become.

On a routine trip to a women’s Bible study, Ken’s wife of twenty-five years was killed in a car accident. At the time of the accident, Ken was forty-seven years of age, the father of two adult children, and the pastor of a large and growing congregation. Using his own story, as well as his thirty plus years of experience in pastoring hundreds of others during adversity and tragedy, Unexpected: Navigating Life’s Unforeseen Turns will help you:

  • Embrace the reality of unexpected turns in life
  • Develop a mentality that encourages growth during times of difficulty
  • Assess if you are already dead and just waiting to be buried, or still living life fully alive
  •  Learn how to wisely navigate through adversity, and in the process become the person you were meant to be

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