Fairy Tales and Followers of Christ


What do fairy tales such as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan, The Ugly Duckling, and other similar stories have in common with Followers of Christ?

The author, Fredrick Buechner, suggests that in every generation and in every culture fairy tales have been created because there is a sense in all of us that there’s more to life than what we’re currently experiencing.

Buechner writes, “Something inside us believes, or wants to believe, that the world as we know it is NOT the whole story! We long for the re-enchantment of reality. We hope that death is not the end, that the universe is something more than an enclosed glass cage. So we keep spinning and repeating stories that hold the promise of another world.”

Most fairy tales have a few things in common: an enchanted world that’s closer than we think and characters that are magically transformed—a frog becomes a prince, an ugly duckling becomes a swan, a wooden puppet becomes a boy, a newspaper reporter becomes Superman, and a mouse becomes a hero.

But what do fairy tales have to do with followers of Christ?

Deep down in all of us there is a gnawing sense that there must be more to the spiritual life than we’re currently experiencing. If we quiet the internal noise of our souls and turn down the religious chatter in the church, we will hear the cry for substantive change. Even though we’re aware there is a huge gap between our character and the character of Christ, the desire to become more like our Master is still there.

The ugly duckling in all of us wants to become the beautiful swan. We desire change. We long for transformation!

I believe God is stirring many “Christians” to  a deeper desire for authentic transformation. I’m encouraged by what I’m seeing in my own spiritual community where an increasing number of people are becoming more like the Master. It gives me hope! We can become like Christ!

Sincerely Submitted From a Frog Who’s Becoming a Prince,
Ken L Roberts

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2 thoughts on “Fairy Tales and Followers of Christ

  1. I don’t believe your analogy is a good one since it tries to correlate fantasy with the truth. It gives all the non-believers and those that are undecided reason to conclude that man just needs something to hang onto so we create it using our imagination. There are too many already who believe that the Bible is just a book of man’s fantasies. Too much wine, too much time in the sun, and so on. Your article adds fuel to their fire.
    When God’s Holy Spirit really has filled you up on the inside there is no room for doubt, just pure belief in the creator and the love He has for us. It becomes crystal clear that His desires for us is to avoid pain & suffering as much as we possibly can in the fallen world in which we live and rejoice in the peace in knowing Heaven for all eternity awaits all who believe. There is a real Heaven & Hell just as there is good & evil forces at work in our world. This is not fantasy and we are talking about people’s eternal lives here, in either a very bad place or a very beautiful place. The impact of believing the entire Bible is what brings true peace & direction for people’s lives today as well as for all eternity. I agree that it is this peace that the world is seeking now more than ever in light of everything that is happening. We need to be out there pointing as many as we can to the one true source of eternal peace & joy found only in Jesus Christ. Show others love and kindness and let them know that it comes from Jesus. A great FREE way to share the love that God has for everyone with everyone. A love that cannot be bought or earned at any price. http://acts18.org/program simply sign up and the link to the program will be e-mailed to you. It is free because that is what sets Jesus apart from everyone else. He freely gave up everything so we may have life to the fullest. No God would ever do that for me, but He did!