“Good Morning Holy Spirit!”


Several years ago a well know T.V. evangelist wrote a book titled “Good Morning Holy Spirit!”

Although I don’t support all of this particular minister’s theology or embrace some of his ministry methodologies, I still think there’s something very substantial to the idea behind the title of his book.

Jesus did say that for those of us who follow after him, we wouldn’t have to walk the journey alone, but he would send us the Holy Spirit and He would walk with us. So starting each day by acknowledging the Holy Spirit’s presence being with us, certainly isn’t a bad way to start the day.

BUT my guess is, for most of us that’s not our first thought of the day. Rather…

  •  “Oh NO, I’ve overslept and I’m going to miss my meeting with my boss!”
  • “Wow, it’s already morning?!”
  • “Welcome to the drudgery of another demanding day.”
  • “I’ve got so many things to do today I don’t even know where to start.”
  • “I’m going to shoot my neighbor’s dog!”
  • “When will my dear, wonderful and adorable husband ever stop his snoring!”
  • “Now what is it that I’m supposed to do today?”
  • “I need my coffee!”

The late Dallas Willard was once asked what some of his early morning thoughts were. His response has become epoch.

He said,

When I wake up, and even before I get out of bed, I meditate through The Lord’s Prayer and Psalms 23. I do this at least once and sometimes twice. I don’t rush. I work through them line by line, mulling over them, dwelling on them, letting my mind, my emotions and my spirit be infused by the promises and presence of these words.

And then, when my feet hit the floor,  (l love this part)  I proclaim, ‘The Lord is here!’  And that’s the way I start my day.

How about you?  What are your first thoughts of the day?


I Want to Invite You To A 21 Day Challenge

For the next 21 days I want to challenge you to start each morning by reflecting on The Lord’s Prayer or Psalms 23 and use the link below to invite five other people to do this 21 day challenge with you.

[Click to e-mail a friend] 

My wife and I have been doing this practice for the last four to five years, and I can guarantee you it will make a HUGE difference to your day.

So who’s in? Leave a comment and let me know and don’t miss the bonus video below.



(P.S. Here is the link to the video interview where Dallas talks about what I wrote about above. The inspiration from Dallas is well worth the 6 minute watch!)

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8 thoughts on ““Good Morning Holy Spirit!”

  1. Hey Pastor Ken!
    I,m in a little spiritual lull at this moment. To tell you the truth at this moment I dont care if I go forward or backwards in my walk with God. I get this way two or three times a year. Always have.
    Scripture tells us that God wont leave us nor forsake us. Here you are asking to do a "spiritual project" Kind of like in high school when we do a zcience project for the zcience fair.
    Let me ask you a question I've always asked myself, What if I tried a spiritual project just totally opposite of what you're challenging us to do? In the movie "Grey Wolf" Pierce Brosnan ghe main charactar had a wife, he did not zhow much affection to ber. They were near a divorce situation she asked him "do you want me to leave"? He said "do whatever". She said,"Do I have to do all the loving and all the leaving"?
    This is where I am with God. "Do I have to do all the Loving"? What if we never tended the fire of love towards God? Do we have to do all the loving?

  2. Mike

    I think your questions and the season you are in is legit. Many of us go through many different seasons in our spiritual journey. I think being honest with what season you are currently in and being honest with God (and others) is a really important part of having and authentic (not just a religious) journey with Jesus.

    I'm with you…I'm for you.