A Life-Purpose: 4 Reasons Why Every Person Needs One


What’s the big deal with needing to know your life-purpose? Isn’t that a lot of mumbo-jumbo? Not really.

Here are 4 reasons why every person needs to know (and live from) their own unique life-purpose.

1. Life Flies By

I’m amazed at how fast life goes. My parents used to tell me this was the case, but I never believed them. As a kid, summer seemed to last forever (and now that I live in Minnesota, winter seems to last forever), but the older I become the faster each year seems to go.

Each of us only have so many years on this planet. So it’s really, really important to make them count! And we can only make them truly count if we know what our own unique purpose is and if we are living intentionally according to that purpose.

So in essence, thinking about our mortality shouldn’t be morbid, it should be our motivator.

2. For your own “happiness”

Research shows that the people who are the “happiest” are those who are living and working from a life of purpose.

A research group affiliated with the University of Chicago recently listed the ten least happiest jobs in the world and the ten happiest jobs in the world. What they found was the difference between the ten least happiest jobs and the ten happiest jobs wasn’t money or status. What differentiated the happiest jobs from the least happiest were the jobs that had as a higher sense of meaning or purpose.

Dr. Martin Seligman, the past president of the American Psychological Association, shows in his research that there are five main factors that contribute to our happiness. Of the five he believes that “meaning or living with a sense of purpose” is the most important factor.

So in reality, “happiness” has little to do with external circumstances but has everything to do with inner-fulfillment—i.e. living out of purpose and meaning.

3. For the benefit of others

At the end of our life, what will we have passed on to others?

Many times when we think of a person’s legacy—what they have left behind—we think of it in terms of money. But our legacy is really determined by what kind of contribution we’ve made to others while we’ve passed through this life. How have we influenced our spouse, children, friends, colleagues? What have we passed along to them as we’ve passed by them? What kind of deposit have we made in the lives of others? What contribution have we made to our world as we’ve passed through this world?

How we live our life and whether we are intentional with our life according to our life’s purpose will determine the legacy we leave behind.

4. Preparing a gift for God

At the end of our life, what will we give to God for the life He’s given us?

This last point may or may not be a part of your spiritual persuasion, but as a follower of Jesus, thinking about what gift I will give God at the end of my life greatly motivates me. Let me be clear. We can’t earn our “salvation” from any effort of our own. I don’t “get into heaven” by what I’ve accomplished on earth. I “get into heaven” by accepting and acting on the work that Christ has already accomplished.

However, when I get to heaven and one day stand face to face with God, I do believe that I will be held accountable for the life He’s given me. And what I’ve done with the life He’s given me while on this earth (my time, my talents, my passions, my opportunities, etc.) will be the gift I give God for the gift of life He’s given me.

So do you know what your life-purpose is?

If not, I’d love to help. It really is my hope that you are building and living a life that counts. So, as a way to help, below are two services I want to offer you.

Building and living a life that counts,
Ken L Roberts

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