A Major Sin Many Christians Are Committing

A major sin that many Christians are committing is the sin of breaking the Sabbath. Far too many of us have assimilated into the secular way of life and as a result we’ve abandoned the practice of routinely making space for God.

Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not talking about fulfilling some Old Testament legalistic law, nor making sure you attend church every Sunday (or Saturday).

But what I am talking about is acknowledging that the Sabbath is a very important part of God’s plan to keep us healthy and whole.

God established the principle of Sabbath at creation and placed it in the very DNA of all of His creation. It’s a universal principle that shouldn’t be neglected.

Jesus practiced it. His disciples practiced it. For the last 2000 years, His church has practiced it. Both our bodies and our brains daily and weekly confirm our need for it.

It was important enough that God put it on His Top Ten List. So I would suggest that breaking the Sabbath is no small issue.

But what is the Sabbath principle?hammock

The sabbath is a routine time to “cease from our labor” so that we can re-gather the parts of our life that have been scattered, splintered, and spent throughout the week and then re-center and re-prioritize our life around the presence and purposes of God.

Honoring the sabbath is also an act of humility. It’s a deliberate acknowledgement of our humanness and the limits that are built within our humanness. It’s an acknowledgement that our body needs rest, our spirit needs replenishment, and our soul needs nourishment.

I know for some the idea of breaking the Sabbath principle doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, and it certainly doesn’t seem big enough to call it a “major sin.” But I would disagree.

What I’ve personally found (and what the medical and mental healthcare community have only confirmed) is that when I break the Sabbath principle for any extended period of time—my body, mind, soul, and spirit start to unravel. It’s like a Tasmanian devil that goes faster and faster until it finally implodes.

The Sabbath is given by God for our good. It’s to keep us sane. It’s to keep us healthy. It’s to keep us whole. It’s to keep us centered. It’s to keep us connected to God.

So if you’ve been routinely breaking the sabbath, I hope you’ll reconsider.

Thanks for reading my blog; now I’m off to take a nap!

Ken L Roberts

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8 thoughts on “A Major Sin Many Christians Are Committing

  1. Pastor Ken, I see how you put it "The Sabbath Principal". Yet it isn't just a principal! The Calendar set forth in the Torah was speciffically set by God! It was set by the new moons. Each month ( root wordMoon) is counted the new moon. All the jewish festivals were set by the moon. The Original Sabbath was set by God as the 7th day of the week.
    In the Ten Commandments(of which we still need to follow today) the Sabbath is the 7th day which is our Saturday.
    When Jesus was on earth He observed the Sabbath. When He walked through the grain field picking grain and chukking it and eating it. We christians aren't taught the depth of this story!
    1.) The outer rows of a field are to be left for the traveller and poor to glean from.
    2.) The Sabbath Law is to be kept Holy (set apart) and rest.
    a.) The pharissees had hundreds of hedge laws that were meant to keep people from getting too close to breaking the Law.
    When Jesus picked and chukkked this grain He was not breaking the Sabbath Law He was showing the oharisees that they had made a religeon out of this and put a bit and bridle in the mouths of the people with all their added laws that God never intended!
    Jesus never broke the Sabbath! He kept it!!! It was the Roman Empire that purpisely changed the Sabbath to the first day of the week. Purposely to grieve the Holy Spirit!!?!
    The Book of Daneil speaks of a "little horn". This little horn is the papacy! The wolves in sheeos clothing who purposely caused the Eklessia to loose its Power and Authority! The church needs to get back to the True Sabbath if it is ever going to Live in the Fullness of the Holy Spirit the original NT Eklessia lived in daily.
    Sin grieves the Holy Spirit! When we sin the Holy Spirit is not in us! God set the Sabbath! Man has NO authority to change it!
    Thanks, Mike Kubicek

  2. I agree with you Pastor Ken!
    I recently decided for myself, Sunday will be the day I visit with family and or friends. All week we get so busy with stuff… I want Sunday to be the way it was in days gone past. The day you set everything else aside and just love your life!
    Thank you Father for blessing us with a day to just simply say life is good, praise be to you for all you have given us! Sit back and rest in His goodness…In JESUS name.

  3. Excellent! A topic almost never touched on. This is something that has been on my heart as well, and I do struggle with setting apart a day to rest each week. (But there's just so much to be done!) It has taken me some time to really put into practice the Sabbath rest as it was meant to be — a day of rest. An entire day of rest. Not just half a day, or just a morning. When you get used to utilizing 7 days a week to get your work done, it's not an easy thing to cut back to 6. I believe the Lord is calling us all back to keeping the 10 commandments, not just 9.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Lisa,

    Thanks for the honesty! Yes, I agree, it is challenging to keep the sabbath principle.

    Great to hear from you. I hope things are well?!?

  5. Mike

    As you know, there is the "letter of the law" and the "spirit of the law." I agree that there are some very specific commands surrounding the sabbath, but I would settle for people obeying the principle of the sabbath. That would be in the right direction. Plus, Jesus did clearly say the Sabbath was for man, not man for the sabbath – meaning it is to for our benefit and to serve us not for us to serve or be in bondage to it.

    It's a fine line.

    I appreciate the input!

  6. Agree with Ken, we need to look at the "spirit of the law" — what is it God desires to accomplish through his torah (instructions)? In regards to the Sabbath commandment, he says you shall work six days and then rest on the seventh. So the goal is a weekly rest. By the way, does that only apply to people who work six days? <BR><BR>
    Ken, all is well. Just starting working with Youth for Christ doing Parma outreach. Exciting times!

  7. Well thank you sir for addressing this topic. I did my Ph.D. dissertation on this subject. One problem I had of answering was what day of the week it really was. Since we do not know for sure what day we really are experiencing today. Especially since Joshua prayed and had the sun standstill for so long until he defeated his enemy. So r u sure of what day it is today with absolute sureness?
    Just wandering what your thoughts on that were.
    And before converting to Catholicism last year. I was taught that the Catholic church was responsible for switching the Sabbath day to Sunday. So I taught my dissertation as being on Saturday since God allegedly never lies or let his word return unchanged!