3 Easy Ways To Predict Your 2017!

I don’t have any supernatural-psychic powers. I can’t tell you who you are going to marry, how long you’re going to live, or if you’ll win the lotto. But I can give you a pretty good idea of what your 2017 and years to come will be like.

Here’s how:

1. Show me your checkbook and your calendar, and I can predict your future.

It’s really not that hard.

Who you and I will be tomorrow we are becoming that person today. Who we will be tomorrow is determined (largely, not exclusively) by what we are investing in today.

Where we are putting our time and money determines who we will be tomorrow. That principle applies to our spiritual life, our personal life, our marriage and family life, our professional life, our finances, our health, and our relationships.

The same principle that applies in nature applies to our future. The seed we sow today will determine the fruit we harvest tomorrow. It’s really that simple.

2. Tell me about your habits, and I can predict your future.

One author  clearly spelled this principle out this way, “People do not decide their futures; they decide their habits, and their habits decide their futures.”

This axiom is so true! The habits we build today will determine the futures we have tomorrow. It’s not our good intentions that determine our future, nor is it a short season of inspiration, and it’s certainly not a stroke of good luck. None of these determine our future. It’s our habits. It’s those things we do day after day after day.

As I recently heard someone say, “Time on task, over time, will beat inspiration every time.” That’s habit.

3. Show me your friends, and I can predict your future.

It’s been said that if you take a person’s five closest friends and average their income, 90 percent of the time that will be the your average income as well. This blog isn’t about money, but the principle still holds true.  The people around us influence us. They either influence us to maintain our status quo, or they pull us down a direction we may not want to go, or they push us and inspire us in a direction we do want to go.

So now that you know I’m not a psychic—and my guess is neither are you—yet you can still predict your future. So reflect on these 3 ways and then consider; what will your 2017 and years to come be like?

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Anticipating a Purposeful and Productive 2017,
Ken L Roberts


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