Why I recently moved back to Cleveland, Ohio (and why you should even care)!


My wife, Missy, and I recently moved from Minneapolis, Minnesota—where we lived for eight years–back to Cleveland, Ohio, where I had previously lived for twenty-five years.

“So why is this relevant to you and why should you even care?” Well, I’m glad you asked.

We moved back for two reasons.

(And it’s not because the Cleveland Cavs won the NBA championship or that Cleveland is one of America’s premier come-back cities.  Although those are both pretty good reasons!)

  • First, we wanted to be closer to our family.

A lot of my family, and some very close friends, live in the Cleveland area. My mom passed almost two years ago and her death got me thinking–”I don’t really want to be away from my family over these next, and latter, years of my life.”  Then, I found out I was going to have my first grandchild, and nothing could keep me away from that!

  • Second, I felt a shift in my ministry.

I’ve been pastoring for thirty-five years, with thirty of those years as a senior pastor. Over the last few years I’d noticed that my passion about “general pastoral ministry” was waning, yet my passion about other, more focused areas of my ministry, was increasing.  So I made the move to focus on what I know I’m called to do–and want to do–over the next 10 to 15 years of my life and ministry. (I’m asking God for 15 more years of fruitful ministry.)

The two areas I’m focusing on for the next season of my life and ministry are: 

Assisting people in their personal and spiritual growth


Helping leaders live well while they lead well

These two areas sum up the essence of who I have become and what I want to accomplish. I’ll be doing this by speaking, training, writing, and coaching as my full-time vocation.

Why is any of this relevant to you and why should you even care?

Let me give you two reasons:

  • One, over twenty-five years ago I worked on a personal life’s mission statement. I’ve been living my life according to this mission statement ever since. Of course it has changed a bit over the years, but only slightly. Taking the time and making the effort, when I was in my 30’s, to consider who I wanted to become and what I wanted to accomplish gave me my life’s “North Star,” which has led me to where I am today: knowing what I want to do and how I want to do it – for the rest of my life.
  • Two, this move has taken courage and pushed me out of my comfort zone. I left a great city and a great church that I was pastoring. Every two weeks I knew I was going to get paid – and getting a pretty good paycheck at that. But I also realized that for me to move into the next season of fruitfulness and fulfillment (these two go together!), I would have to leave my “comfort zone” and take a step of courage. So after a lot of planning, and a lot of prayer, that’s what I did.

So what’s the application? 

  • Are you living your life according to the unique contribution you were designed and destined to make?


  • Are you taking the intentional, and sometimes scary, steps to move into your next season of fruitfulness and fulfillment?

I’m trying to.  I trust you are as well.

If I can assist you in your ongoing personal or spiritual growth, know I’d love to help. You can find much of the information on my coaching page. You can also make contact with me through my enrollment conversation contact form.

If I can assist you, I’d love to help.

Still Learning & Still Leaning forward,

Ken L Roberts

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10 thoughts on “Why I recently moved back to Cleveland, Ohio (and why you should even care)!

  1. Ken, congratulations on your move! Is your church there looking for an 88-year-old Interim Pastor? Seems to me I remember doing that work there once! O course, I’m kidding…I’m not up to the challenge of “doing my first works over.” My prayer is that you will find great fulfillment in your new assignment. Blessings upon you, brother!

    • Pastor Harold,

      Thanks. Things have gone well with the move and I’m loving, loving, loving what I’m currently doing.

      Keep me in your prayers and pray that I’m as “sharp” and healthy as you are when I’m 88!


  2. Ken,
    It’s been said that if you come to a fork in the road…..Take it. It keeps you sophisticated while at the dinner table. If you ever run into Mac Lake in your travels, he is doing somewhat the same thing as you are entering into. Here are some of the similarities between you two. You both have one son and one daughter. Your son’s are accomplished musicians. Your parents were so much alike too. Here is the really cool similarity……You both took turns pastoring and shaping me for ministry. If you ever connect with him, just mention The Candy Man.