Offering You A Miracle Drug – That’s FREE!


Okay! I know it sounds like I’m trying to sell you some swamp land I own in Florida, or a bottle of water from the fountain of youth I recently discovered on my latest trip to New Guinea.

But, if there was a drug that

  • added years to your life
  • reduced the risk of having a heart attack or stroke
  • cut your risk of Alzheimer’s disease by more than half
  • helped you relax during the day and sleep better at night
  • doubled your chances of staying drug-and alcohol-free after treatment
  • activated your natural killer cells so you are less likely to get cancer
  • diminished your inflammatory cells
  • increased your good cholesterol
  • got you more friends

Would you be interested?

Well there is something that offers all of these benefits. It’s not a DRUG, but it is FREE!

What is it?

Send me $197 by the end of the week, and I’ll let you know. Just kidding!

No really, What Is It?

Scientific research proves that people who live an intentional, meaningful, and purposeful life experience many of the benefits listed above.

This isn’t a joke. It’s not hype. It’s not the sales copy for an info commercial. It’s scientific research.

People who find and live a purposeful life (a life tied to something larger and more meaningful than our own selfish pursuits) live a better, healthier, longer, and happier life.

How about you?

Are you living your life with meaning and purpose?

It’s an important question. Your health and even your life could depend upon it.

If I can help

If I can assist you in finding and fulfilling your life’s purpose, I’d love to help:

Living With Passion and Purpose,
Ken L Roberts

PS. The research noted above is from the book, Life On Purpose, by Victor J. Strecher


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