Is Living, Killing You?


Is living, killing you? It’s an honest question.

The hardest job I ever had was when I was sixteen.

I was a “mud man” for a local brick-laying crew. My job was to keep mortar, bricks, and scaffolding supplied for three experienced bricklayers. My day consisted of making mortar, carrying bricks, moving scaffolding, mortar, bricks, scaffolding, mortar, bricks, scaffolding…

This crazy pace continued all day, every day!

Although you’re probably not a “mud man,” the routine of your life may be a grind just the same.

You make breakfast, get the kids off to school, clean the kitchen, make the beds, pay the bills, answer the phone, do laundry, plan supper, go grocery shopping, pick the kids up, go to soccer practice, (or dance practice, or karate class, or Brownies, or Boy Scouts or piano lessons or…), help with homework, referee a sibling spat, cook supper, wash the dishes, help with some more homework, referee another sibling spat, set the alarm and stumble into bed—numbingly aware that the same grind awaits you the next day and the next and the next.

These scenarios may or may not describe your daily routine, but for too many of us our pace of life is very similar to the grind of a “mud man.”

The danger of the dailyness of life is that it can destroy the very heart of life.

Life can reduce us to mere zombies. We stumble through life keeping the body parts moving, but our hearts are barely alive. We’re breathing, but not really living. We’re sucking in air; still taking up space on the planet, but are we really living?

Mark Twain summed up this kind of life when he remarked about the death of an acquaintance with these witty words,

“He died at thirty; they buried him at sixty.”

William Wallace in the movie Braveheart also summed it up well when he famously said,

“We know that all men die, but not all men live.”

So let me ask you,

Are you still stepping toward or even stumbling toward your dreams?
Are you living from a heart full of passion and purpose?

If not, living may be killing you?

If I can assist you in finding and fulfilling your life’s purpose, I’d love to help:

Living on Purpose,
Ken L Roberts

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