I Turned 60! A Few Short Reflections and One Heart-Felt Prayer

November 27th, 2016 I turned 60. Yes the BIG SIX…O!

As I cross this important mile marker, I hope these few short reflections and my heart-felt prayer will be helpful as you reflect on your own journey of life.

A Few Reflections

  • Life Is A Gift; Cherish It
  • Life Is Fragile; Handle It With Care
  • Life Goes Fast; Make Every Day Count
  • Life Is An Adventure; Enjoy It
  • Life Shapes Us; Allow It To Shape You Into The Person You Want To Become
  • Life Is Temporal; Prepare For The Life That’s Coming That Will Be Eternal

A Heart-Felt Prayer

God grant me twenty more years of meaningful ministry. Grant me—through my speaking, training, writing, coaching and the way I live my life—the honor of influencing tens of thousands to live their lives with purpose. And as a result may I , along with those I have somehow and in some small way  touched, one day hear you say, “Well done good and faithful servant. Now enter into the joys I’ve prepared for you.”

I pray this in the name of One who gave His life so that I could live an abundant and eternal life.

In Jesus’ name, amen.

Whatever age you are, I pray you’re making your life count and you’re preparing your life for your eternal life that is yet to come.

If I can help, I’d be honored.

Living On Purpose,
Ken L Roberts


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