Do You Have A Personal Compass? Everyone Needs One!

If you don’t know where you’re going, guess what? You’re lost! – Anonymous

A few years back, my wife and I got lost. Really lost!

We were staying in a cabin in a remote area in northern Minnesota, got up one morning and randomly decided to take a hike. We drove to what we thought was a marked trail head, and headed out for a few hours of a leisurely hike.

Several hours later we started having that gnawing feeling that we might be lost. We weren’t sure, but that unsettling feeling was settling in on both of us.

The uncertainty intensified. Should we take the trail verging off to the right or should we stay on the trail we’re on and forge ahead? Should turn around and try to retrace the several turns we had already made? Should we should forge ahead and see if this was one long loop that would eventually take us back to where we started?

I tried to trace the arc of the sun and figure out what direction we were headed, but realized my Boy Scout survival skills had vanished years ago.

Then I had a  brilliant thought. 

I took my iPhone out, hit the on button, waited for a few seconds and hurrah, I miraculously I had two bars showing a faint sign of cellular service.

My wife and I knew we had started on the trailhead from the north and had headed south. I pulled up the compass on my iPhone and set it due north. Sure enough, several hours later, just before dark, we arrived back at our car.

Knowing your  life purpose is similar to having your own personal compass.
It gives you a basic direction to head throughout your entire life journey.

Life knocks all of us around. Sometime so much that we can loose our way in life. But when we have a clear North Star—our own life purpose —it’s like having a personal compass so we can continue to find our way.

So what about you?

  • Do you ever feel lost in life?
  • Feel like you’re moving in this direction for a while and then moving in that direction?
  • Do you  have a personal North Star?
  • Do you have a personal compass?
  • Do you know your life purpose?

If you already know your personal life purpose, keep moving in that direction.

If you don’t yet have one, these related posts below can hopefully help.

Living On Purpose,
Ken L Roberts


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