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I want to personally invite you to something that I truly believe my whole life has been preparing me for. And I don’t believe that’s an overstatement.

Growing in my spiritual life, as well as helping others do the same, has been a primary area of focus (if not the primary area of focus) over the last twenty years of my life.

The 3 F’s of spiritual growth

During these last twenty years, I’ve observed three consistent challenges in a person’s spiritual growth.

  • Frustration with our spiritual growth.
  • A lack of Focus in our spiritual growth.
  • A sense of Failure in our spiritual growth.

This is why over the last 20 years I’ve developed clear and concise content, along with a simple “practice” (that can be done within the routine of our 24/7 life ) to help you consistently grow in your spiritual life. 

My New Spiritual Growth Membership Community


My new Spiritual Growth Membership Community is a way to help people, like you and me, consistently grow in our spiritual lives.

My Four 1 to 1 Plan

Here’s what the spiritual growth membership community provides. I call it the FOUR 1 to 1 plan.

  • Once a Month. The first of every month, via a short email containing a link to a short video (10 minutes or less) in which you will receive:
  • One Spiritual Growth Principle. This isn’t a bible study, or a podcast, or a sermon; it’s a simple, clear, concise spiritual growth principle – that will help you grow.
  • One Spiritual Growth Practice. Along with this spiritual growth principle, you will receive a spiritual growth practice that will help you apply/practice that month’s spiritual growth principle. This practice is easy/simple and can be done within the normal routine of your 24/7 everyday life!
  • One Like-Minded Community. This will all be done in the context of a Like-Minded Group of People/Community. Just think about being inspired, encouraged, and offered new ideas from a group of people who have the same goal in mind – to consistently grow in their spiritual lives.

A Personal Promise

Now that I’ve:

  • applied this approach in my own spiritual growth,
  • seen the same results with several of the people I’ve been coaching in their spiritual growth,

I’m convinced my Four 1 to 1 plan will help you in your spiritual growth.

Please Join Me In My New Spiritual Growth Membership Community

I would truly be honored if you – along with hundreds of others – would join me in this spiritual growth opportunity.

A Call To Action

Here’s what I’m asking you to do:

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Don’t Delay

If you are interested in my spiritual growth membership community, here is a free sample of what the monthly video content is like:

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Join My New Spiritual Growth Community
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