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Overcome the three challenges of your spiritual growth:

·           Frustration

·           Lack of Focus

·           A sense of Failure

And receive my Four 1 to 1 plan:

·           Once a month receive

·           One spiritual growth principle

·           One corresponding spiritual growth practice

·           All in the context of One like-minded spiritual growth community



Monthly Payments

  • $17/month: One person for one year membership with monthly payments of $17 a month
  • $25/month: Add one other person (spouse, friend, neighbor, family member or colleague) for a one year subscription for $25 a month.

Or One-Time Payments

  • $147: One person for a one year membership with one-time payment of $147
  • $197: Add one other person (spouse, friend, neighbor, family member or colleague) for a one year subscription for only an additional $50 (a $97 savings).

 Most Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does being a member in your spiritual growth community take the place of my involvement in a local church?
    Absolutely not! I believe in the local church and encourage everyone to be committed to and involved in a local church. Whether that’s 15 people meeting in a home, or 5,000 people gathering in a state of the art auditorium. Your membership in our spiritual growth community isn’t to replace your involvement in a local church, only to enhance it.
  2. Does your spiritual growth membership community represent or reflect any specific denomination or sector of the Christian faith?
    No. The spiritual principles and spiritual practices offered will represent the historic doctrines and practices of the Christian faith, represented and practiced throughout the history of the orthodox Christian faith.
    However, the unique contribution of our spiritual growth membership community is that you may receive spiritual growth ideas and spiritual growth practices that you have been unfamiliar with, and as a result your involvement in our spiritual growth membership community will further broaden, deepen, and enhance your spiritual growth.
  3. What if I want, or need, to end my membership? 
    I believe it takes several months of consistent application to see the spiritual growth you desire. And therefore your commitment is to a one year membership. After your 12 months membership is complete, at that time you will be given the option to renew or cancel your membership.
  4. How will I interact with my spiritual growth membership community?
    When you become a member you will be directed to join our Spiritual Growth Membership Community Facebook page. Then, at the middle of every month I will repost on our community’s FB page that month’s spiritual principle and practice and I will also post a question or activity to stimulate dialogue, interaction, the sharing of ideas or comments with your spiritual growth members. OR, IF YOU’RE NOT ON FACEBOOK, you will get a personal email from me – every month – and we will interact with the material via email.

For further questions please contact me at ken@kenlroberts.com.

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Where Limitless Growth Becomes Possible



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