5 Essentials For Moving Into Your Sweet-Spot


Beat the odds

According to research done by J. Robert Clinton, from the leadership development department at Fuller Theological Institute, only 20% of leaders ever make it to what he calls “convergence.” That’s where our gifts, passions, temperament, and our life and ministry experiences all come together. It’s when we’re living and leading out of our “sweet spot.”  

Yep you heard right. Only 20%! That’s pretty high odds. 

But in this article let me help you beat the odds. Below are 5 Essentials For Moving Into Convergence.


  • Taking the time to discover your “North - Star” (ie your life and leadership purpose) is critical to moving into convergence. This is where you bring together your early years of formation, your gifts, your primary passions, your unique temperament, and your ministry experiences and life experiences. They all come together (merge) into your sweet-spot.

After doing workshops and coaching thousands of pastors and christian leaders over the years, I’m surprised by the number of leaders who have never gone through a life purpose or mission clarification process. From my experience, it’s almost impossible to move into “convergence” without first doing the work to clarify your personal North-Star.


  • Once you’ve done some of the work and become clearer about your North - Star, you’ll then gain greater CONVICTION. You’ll become convinced this is who you are and this is what you have to contribute in your next season of life and leadership. You’ll have greater conviction and a growing confidence to move in that direction.


  • Once you have clarity and a strong conviction about what your contribution should be in your next season, you’ll then need courage. Risk will be involved. Change will be involved. Uncertainty will be involved. Greater surrender will be involved.

This is where I see many people miss it. They often don’t (or won’t) take the necessary steps of courage to move into their convergence. They hesitate. They delay. The rationalize. They talk themselves out of it. In the end, they don’t take the risk and everything remains as is.


  • I don’t use this point in a self-serving way, BUT the reality is, it’s very difficult (almost impossible) to move into convergence unless you have someone who has gone there ahead of you and can now help you get there. All the research shows that if you have someone to help you move toward your goals - whether its running a marathon, losing 40 pounds, or getting out of debt - you are 80% more likely to get there. Moving into convergence is no different. Someone helping you get there will make a HUGE difference.

    So if your serious about making it to your sweet-spot, hire a coach and let them help you get there.


  • I’m certainly not recommending you take a blind leap off a cliff and hope you’ll somehow end up in convergence. That could be sheer foolishness. But what I am recommending, you’ll need a clear and practical plan on how you are going to get there. I’m sorry to say, (and I don’t want to sound harsh with this statement), but without a plan you’ve only got a dream.

    So make sure you know where you want to go, how you’re going to get there, and then find someone to walk with you along the way.


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Sincerely Submitted As A Fellow Traveler,


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Ken Roberts