When P-E-R-S-E-V-E-R-A-N-C-E Pays Off

My wife is an artist. The picture above is her working on one of her paintings.

Every time she starts a new painting, there are two critical times in the process for her.

The first one is when she decides to start. It’s during this part of the process that that little voice starts yelling, “You can’t do this. You know the painting won’t turn out right. The dimensions will be wrong. The colors won’t work. Even if you do get started, you’ll never finish it.”

The second one is half way through the project. After my wife’s been working really hard on a painting, and it’s not coming together the way she wants, I’ve heard her on more than one occasion say, “I just can’t do this. It looks terrible. I’m going to throw the whole thing away.”

Sometimes, she’ll draw me into her own self-doubting dialogue and ask, “Honey, how do you think this looks? Do these colors work? Does the nose look right? Is this any good or should I just scrap it?”  I find this part of the conversation a scary place to be! Usually with a nod and a few affirming words, the painting is safe – at least for another day.

The key during these two crucial times in the process is for my wife to keep going.

One more stroke of the brush followed by another, followed by another. Try a different shade of color here; rework this part of the painting over there. Eventually, yes eventually, she finishes another beautiful painting.

The same is true in our own lives.  

We just have to keep going! Growth and greatness are always the result of a lot of hard work over a long period of time. In the end P-E-R-S-E-V-E-R-A-N-C-E always pays off.

When you think of Michael Phelps, who at the age of 27, became the most decorated Olympian of all time, you should remember that he logged hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of miles in the pool, stroke by stoke, day by day, and year by year, for twenty years – before he reached his status of “success.”

Building a life that counts is no different. It’s a step by step, day by day, line by line, season by season, year by year, decade by decade process. At the end our life won’t be perfect, but at least we’ve made progress we would have never made if we had never started or stopped in the middle. So keep at it! Perseverance pays.

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Living on Purpose,

Ken L Roberts





Something You Probably Don’t Know About Ruth Graham but Probably Should

When evangelist Billy Graham’s wife, Ruth Bell Graham, died in 2007, she chose to have engraved on her gravestone words that had nothing to do with her remarkable achievements.

She tells the story that she had been driving one day along a highway through a construction site, and there were miles of detours and cautionary signs and machinery and equipment. She finally came to this last one, and this final sign read, “End of construction. Thank you for your patience.” *

And that’s what Ruth Bell Graham chose to have written on her gravestone:

End of Construction. Thank you for your patience.”

Leonard Ravenhill, a well-known revivalist of the last century, had these words written on his gravestone:

“Are the things you are living for,
Worth the things Christ died for?”

John Maxwell wants these words written on his gravestone:

“Here lies a man who lived with purpose and intentionality.”

Jehoram (a king in the Old Testament)  had these words left by others on his gravestone:

“He passed away to no one’s regret.”

The words on my late wife’s gravestone are:

“In Christ, With Christ.”

The words I want on my gravestone are:

“He died leaning forward.”

How about you?  What will yours be?


C.S. Lewis put it this way:

“The Christians who did the most for the present world were just those who thought the most of the next…It is in since Christians have largely ceased to think of the other world that they have become so ineffective in this one. Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in; aim at earth and you will get neither.”

So when you come to the end of your life, what do you want people to say about you? What words do you want written on your gravestone?

It’s an honest, probing, important question.

Sincerely submitted,
Ken L Roberts

Please leave a comment: If you have an idea of what you want written on your gravestone—I’d love to hear it. Leave a comment in the section below. Thanks!

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*Material from John Ortberg’s book, Soul Keeping, p 151

Photo of Ruth Bell Graham used under fair use.
“Gravestone of Ruth Bell Graham” by Billy Hathorn licensed under CC BY 3.0.

Do You Have A Personal Compass? Everyone Needs One!

If you don’t know where you’re going, guess what? You’re lost! – Anonymous

A few years back, my wife and I got lost. Really lost!

We were staying in a cabin in a remote area in northern Minnesota, got up one morning and randomly decided to take a hike. We drove to what we thought was a marked trail head, and headed out for a few hours of a leisurely hike.

Several hours later we started having that gnawing feeling that we might be lost. We weren’t sure, but that unsettling feeling was settling in on both of us.

The uncertainty intensified. Should we take the trail verging off to the right or should we stay on the trail we’re on and forge ahead? Should turn around and try to retrace the several turns we had already made? Should we should forge ahead and see if this was one long loop that would eventually take us back to where we started?

I tried to trace the arc of the sun and figure out what direction we were headed, but realized my Boy Scout survival skills had vanished years ago.

Then I had a  brilliant thought. 

I took my iPhone out, hit the on button, waited for a few seconds and hurrah, I miraculously I had two bars showing a faint sign of cellular service.

My wife and I knew we had started on the trailhead from the north and had headed south. I pulled up the compass on my iPhone and set it due north. Sure enough, several hours later, just before dark, we arrived back at our car.

Knowing your  life purpose is similar to having your own personal compass.
It gives you a basic direction to head throughout your entire life journey.

Life knocks all of us around. Sometime so much that we can loose our way in life. But when we have a clear North Star—our own life purpose —it’s like having a personal compass so we can continue to find our way.

So what about you?

  • Do you ever feel lost in life?
  • Feel like you’re moving in this direction for a while and then moving in that direction?
  • Do you  have a personal North Star?
  • Do you have a personal compass?
  • Do you know your life purpose?

If you already know your personal life purpose, keep moving in that direction.

If you don’t yet have one, these related posts below can hopefully help.

Living On Purpose,
Ken L Roberts


Do You Feel Stuck In Your Spiritual Growth? If so, check this out.

Do you feel stuck in your spiritual growth?

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The 3 F’s of spiritual growth

During these last twenty years, I’ve observed three consistent challenges to a person’s spiritual growth.

  • Frustration with our spiritual growth.
  • A lack of Focus in our spiritual growth.
  • A sense of Failure in our spiritual growth.

This is why over the last 20 years I’ve developed clear and concise content, along with a simple “practice” that can be done within the routine of our 24/7 life – to help you consistently grow in your spiritual life. 

My New Spiritual Growth Membership Community

My new Spiritual Growth Membership Community, is a way to help people, like you and me, consistently grow in our spiritual lives.

My Four 1 to 1 Plan

Here’s what the spiritual growth membership community provides. I call it the FOUR 1 to 1 plan.

  • Once a Month. The first of every month, via a short email containing a link to a short video (10 minutes or less) you will receive:
  • One Spiritual Growth Principle. This isn’t a bible study, or a podcast, or a sermon; it’s a simple, clear, and concise spiritual growth principle – that will help you grow.
  • One Spiritual Growth Practice. Along with this spiritual growth principle, you will receive a spiritual growth practice that will help you apply/practice that month’s spiritual growth principle. This practice is easy/simple and can be done within the normal routine of your 24/7 everyday life!
  • One Like-Minded Community. This will all be done in the context of a Like-Minded Group of People/Community. Just think about being inspired, encouraged, and offered new ideas from a group of people who have the same goal in mind – to consistently grow in their spiritual lives.

A Personal Promise

Now that I’ve:

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I’m convinced this Four 1 to 1 plan will help you grow in your spiritual life.

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Let Me Introduce You To Someone Special

In this week’s blog, I want to introduce you to someone who I think is pretty special.

I’ve known her for many years and recently had the privilege of being her coach—helping her as she’s moving into her next season of life and ministry.

Her consistent walk with Jesus, her ongoing personal, professional, and spiritual growth, and her desire to make a significant contribution in the lives of others are extremely inspirational.

This week she launched her new website and posted her first blog.  Give it a read.  

I know you’ll be glad you did.

“…From Strength to Strength…”

The New and Next Season



If I can help you as you move into your new and next season of life, I’d be honored.

Check out my Life-Focus Coaching services and contact me for an introductory enrollment conversation. 

Committed to living my life on purpose and helping others do the same,

Ken L Roberts  


3 Easy Ways To Predict Your 2017!

I don’t have any supernatural-psychic powers. I can’t tell you who you are going to marry, how long you’re going to live, or if you’ll win the lotto. But I can give you a pretty good idea of what your 2017 and years to come will be like.

Here’s how:

1. Show me your checkbook and your calendar, and I can predict your future.

It’s really not that hard.

Who you and I will be tomorrow we are becoming that person today. Who we will be tomorrow is determined (largely, not exclusively) by what we are investing in today.

Where we are putting our time and money determines who we will be tomorrow. That principle applies to our spiritual life, our personal life, our marriage and family life, our professional life, our finances, our health, and our relationships.

The same principle that applies in nature applies to our future. The seed we sow today will determine the fruit we harvest tomorrow. It’s really that simple.

2. Tell me about your habits, and I can predict your future.

One author  clearly spelled this principle out this way, “People do not decide their futures; they decide their habits, and their habits decide their futures.”

This axiom is so true! The habits we build today will determine the futures we have tomorrow. It’s not our good intentions that determine our future, nor is it a short season of inspiration, and it’s certainly not a stroke of good luck. None of these determine our future. It’s our habits. It’s those things we do day after day after day.

As I recently heard someone say, “Time on task, over time, will beat inspiration every time.” That’s habit.

3. Show me your friends, and I can predict your future.

It’s been said that if you take a person’s five closest friends and average their income, 90 percent of the time that will be the your average income as well. This blog isn’t about money, but the principle still holds true.  The people around us influence us. They either influence us to maintain our status quo, or they pull us down a direction we may not want to go, or they push us and inspire us in a direction we do want to go.

So now that you know I’m not a psychic—and my guess is neither are you—yet you can still predict your future. So reflect on these 3 ways and then consider; what will your 2017 and years to come be like?

If I can help you live a more purposeful and productive 2017, check out my Life-Focus Coaching services and contact me for a FREE consultation.

Anticipating a Purposeful and Productive 2017,
Ken L Roberts


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What Are You Working Toward in 2017?
(Here are the top 7 searched on Google)

As we enter into the first weeks of 2017, what areas will you be working toward—to grow in, to strengthen, to rebuild, to start, to restart—for 2017?

Here are the top 7 topics most searched as New Year’s resolutions on Google.

  1. “Get Healthy” – over 62 million searches
  2. “Get Organized” – over 33 million searches
  3. “Live Life to the Fullest” – nearly 19 million searches
  4. “Learn New Hobbies” – over 17 million searches
  5. “Spend Less/Save More” – nearly 16 million searches
  6. “Travel” – nearly 6 million searches
  7. “Read More” – over 4 million searches

Here are my top seven areas for 2017.

  1. Continue to deepen my spiritual life
  2. Spend more quality time with my family and a few close friends
  3. Continue to build my new Spiritual Growth Membership Community
  4. Finish the first full draft of my latest book: Living Like Your Leaving: A Practical Path To A Purposeful Life
  5. Get certified as a life and leadership coach.
  6. Through my speaking, training, writing and coaching – assist more people in their personal and spiritual growth
  7. Through my speaking, training, writing and coaching – help more Pastors and Christian leaders lead well while they live well.

What are the top areas you are working toward in 2017? 

  1. _______________________________________
  2. _______________________________________
  3. _______________________________________
  4. _______________________________________
  5. _______________________________________
  6. _______________________________________
  7. _______________________________________

Please leave a list of yours in the comment section below.

Life-Focus Coaching
If you are interested in personal coaching to help you have a purposeful and productive 2017, then check out my coaching services and contact me. I’d love to help.

Believing for 2017 to be a purposeful and productive year,
Ken L Roberts


Please leave a comment:
*PS. The top 7 searched on Google is according to a company called iQuanti

How Would You Rate YOUR 2016? Here’s Mine.


Another year has passed; a new one has begun. As you reflect on 2016—on a scale of 1 to 10—how would you rate your 2016?

Here’s mine.

On a scale of 1 to ten I would rate my 2016,


Here’s why.

  • My first grandchild was born. I’m finding out there’s nothing better than being a grandparent.
  • I transitioned out of my role as a senior pastor for these past thirty-three years into my new role as a speaker, trainer, author, and coach. There’s nothing like getting up every morning and spending my day focused on what I’m most passionate about and what I believe is my greatest contribution.
  • In my transition of roles (noted above), I also moved from Minneapolis, Minnesota, back to Cleveland, Ohio to be close to most of my family and some long-held friends and colleagues. There’s nothing like being at the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.  Read: Why I Moved Back To Cleveland, Ohio and Why You Should Even Care
  • In the fall of 2016 I started an online Spiritual Growth Membership Community. It’s specifically designed to help people in very clear, easy, and practical ways continue to grow spiritually. I feel like my whole life has been preparing me for this moment!
    Find out more about the launch of my Spiritual Growth Membership Community.
  • I made significant progress on my third book, Living Like Your Leaving: A Practical Path To A Purposeful Life. I’m really excited about this book.
  • I turned 60! Not as crazy about this milestone as some of my other ones, but I know I’m doing what I was designed to do and focused on doing the most productive and purposeful things in this third-quarter season of my life and ministry.  Read: I Turned 60!

So that’s mine.  How about yours? 

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your 2016?


And why?

Please leave a comment below.

Believing for 2017 to be a purposeful and productive year,
Ken L Roberts

PS. Please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear about your 2016.



Christmas In A Box! REALLY?


We like things tied up in a nice, neat package – including the story of Christmas.

But is the story of Advent, the coming of Christ as the Light and Life into our dark and disordered world, really that neat?

We live in a culture, however, where we want “everything tied up in a nice box.” Whether it’s the ending of a movie, the conclusion to a novel, or the story of Christmas – we want God (and the ways of God) wrapped up in a nice, neat box, with a big, bright ribbon tied on top.

But that’s NOT the story of Christmas.

It Pulsates With



  • A virgin overtaken by the Holy Spirit and bearing a child?
  • A jealous king killing babies just to secure his own insecurity?
  • Angels appearing to shepherds at night?
  • God putting on skin and coming to earth as a human?
  • Three “wise men” miraculously following a star and finding a messiah?
  • A baby born in a stable and sleeping in a manger who later becomes a king?

Now that’s a lot of mystery!

Yet, sometimes, much of our Evangelical theology seems…Too processed. Too packaged. Too perfect.

It feels like we’ve removed much of the mystery.

We’ve become uncomfortable with the unexplainable. We’ve secularized the sacred.  We’ve packaged the invisible. We’ve domesticated the drama. We’ve merchandized the miraculous. We’ve sanitized the supernatural. We’ve humanized the divine.

My appeal to return to mystery and wonder isn’t a plea for an attitude of anti-intelligence in the Church. We don’t need more bad theology or stupid ways of thinking.  We have enough of that.

But after we’ve diced it, sliced it, parsed it, debated it, outlined it, preached it, and tried to explain it…

Let’s step back and once again embrace the mystery and the wonder of it all.

Ken L Roberts



I Turned 60! A Few Short Reflections and One Heart-Felt Prayer

November 27th, 2016 I turned 60. Yes the BIG SIX…O!

As I cross this important mile marker, I hope these few short reflections and my heart-felt prayer will be helpful as you reflect on your own journey of life.

A Few Reflections

  • Life Is A Gift; Cherish It
  • Life Is Fragile; Handle It With Care
  • Life Goes Fast; Make Every Day Count
  • Life Is An Adventure; Enjoy It
  • Life Shapes Us; Allow It To Shape You Into The Person You Want To Become
  • Life Is Temporal; Prepare For The Life That’s Coming That Will Be Eternal

A Heart-Felt Prayer

God grant me twenty more years of meaningful ministry. Grant me—through my speaking, training, writing, coaching and the way I live my life—the honor of influencing tens of thousands to live their lives with purpose. And as a result may I , along with those I have somehow and in some small way  touched, one day hear you say, “Well done good and faithful servant. Now enter into the joys I’ve prepared for you.”

I pray this in the name of One who gave His life so that I could live an abundant and eternal life.

In Jesus’ name, amen.

Whatever age you are, I pray you’re making your life count and you’re preparing your life for your eternal life that is yet to come.

If I can help, I’d be honored.

Living On Purpose,
Ken L Roberts