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5 Core Ideas To Sustainability In Christian Leadership

"Staying Power: 5 Core Ideas to Sustainability in Christian Leadership" by Ken L. Roberts
Why are so many Christian Leaders calling it quits?

Most of the confessions among today’s Christian leaders and almost all of the statistics confirm this fact: The bailout, burnout, and fallout rates have never been higher—and they’re increasing every day.

Why is this?

Ken L. Roberts, in his new book Staying Power: 5 Core Ideas to Sustainability in Christian Leadership, addresses this question with great honesty and insight.

If you’ve ever had one of those days when you wanted to quit, then Staying Power is for YOU.


Written for pastors, Christian leaders, church staffs, and ministry leadership teams, Staying Power is also written and highly recommended for every person who loves God’s church and cares for those who lead within His church. This is an issue we all need to be concerned about.

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See what Dr. Jack Hayford, Dr. Richard Blackaby, and others are saying of my new book:

I want to commend Ken Roberts—primarily, for his wisdom and sensitivity to this present hour, as the increasing pressure and disorientation of focus many pastors and other leaders face today. Staying Power is written by a good shepherd. With discernment, humility and unpretentious self-disclosure, you’ll find Ken readily identify with each one of us who seek to serve Christ with integrity and devotion.
Pastor Jack Hayford
Chancellor, The King’s University, Dallas – Los Angeles

I spend a lot of time ministering to hurting and frustrated church leaders. They are everywhere. That’s why this book is so important. It is filled with relevant, compassionate, insightful wisdom. If you are a pastor, you owe it to yourself to read Ken’s book.
Richard Blackaby, PhD
Co-author of Experiencing God, Spiritual Leadership

As a professor, pastor and mom I know how easy it is to get pulled in many different directions and put my own spiritual growth on the back burner. Pastor Ken is a master communicator who writes from decades as a pastor and leader who truly gets what it means to lead from a place of integrity and personal spiritual growth. If you are interested in growing spiritually as you lead then I recommend you read Ken’s book.
Nicole Bullock
Professor, Mom, Church Planter

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