Two Important Things You Should Know About Me

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Two Things You Need To Know About Me

Before you and I move ahead in our relationship, there are two important things you need to know about me. 

There have been two unexpected turns in my life that have influenced me, more that anything else, on who I am today and what I want to accomplish with the rest of my life.

The Loss of My First Wife

This first event was the loss of my late wife.

On a routine trip to a women’s bible study, my wife of twenty-five years was killed in a car accident. At the time of the accident, I was forty-seven, the father of two adult children, and the pastor of a large and growing congregation. The sudden loss of my wife has motivated me – more than anything else – to live my life with purpose and to help others do the same. You can read the full story of my late wife's passing and how I navigated through this very difficult season of my life through my book Unexpected: Navigating Life's Unforeseen Turns <----- CLICK HERE

The Loss of a Major Ministry

The second event was the erosion and eventual implosion of a large church I lead.

Nine months before my late wife's passing, the church I was leading at the time had just moved into a new 55,000 square foot building, with a 1,300 seat state of the art auditorium, on a 42-acre campus, and a ten million dollar price tag. With more than a million dollars in cost overruns and a sudden down turn in the economy, when we moved into our new facility and didn’t experience the expected and needed growth, the financial pressures became enormous.The devastating impact of the loss of my wife and the mounting financial pressures , started a downward spiral from which we never fully recovered. Within 6 years, the church I had led and loved for 25 years, was no longer even in existence.

This second event has motivated me to help leaders live well while they lead well and to partner with local churches in their pursuit of ongoing of health and growth. (You can read my other book, Staying Power, that came out of this season of my life and leadership: Staying Power: Five Core Idea's to Sustainability in Christian Leadership <----- CLICK HERE

What's Remarkable About My Story

What's remarkable about my story is that these two events have shaped me, more than anything else, into who I am today and what I want to accomplish with the rest of my life. My story has given me the opportunity to help thousands of people navigate through unexpected turns in life, help hundreds of leaders live well while they lead well,  and help numerous local churches in their ongoing pursuit of greater health and growth. I would have never dreamed that my pain would lead me to my greater life’s-purpose - but it has. 

I've dedicated the rest of my life to help lives, leaders, and local churches move from where they're at to where they want to be.  

If I can serve you in anyway, I’d be honored to do so.

Living and Leading on Purpose

Ken L Roberts

Ken Roberts