Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to speak to tens-of-thousands of people of differing backgrounds, offering ideas for inspiratin and instruction. So whether you’re a business, conference, corporation or college, I’d love to see how we can work together for your next event.



I've been a public speaker for over 35 years. Over the last few years my speaking has expanded to include numerous conferences, churches, leadership gatherings, and civic settings. If I can serve you at an upcoming event I'd be honored.

Most Requested Topics:

Below are a few of my most requested topics. These talks can be presented as a keynote, workshop, and/or seminar. 




Shaped By Life  

    Live long enough and unforeseen turns happen to all of us – a healthy marriage crumbles, a child becomes an addict, a close friendship abruptly ends, a parent’s health rapidly declines, a routine check-up reveals cancer... How we navigate these times, ultimately determine who we become. 

    Using my own journey with tragedy, I offer principles for wisely navigating through life's unforeseen turns, and as a result, allow life to shape you into who you hope to further become and move us toward what you hope to further accomplish.  

    Focus Your Life//Fulfill Your Future

      In this workshop I lead individuals through a four step process that will help them focus their life so they can life a more purposeful and productive life. This workshop inspires a person to live a more intentional life and then instructs them - in very practical ways - with a customized plan - how to do so.

      Proven Principles and Practices For Unlimited Growth  

      In this talk I share the two essential things I wish I had learned much earlier in my process of personal growth. People will walk away from this talk being inspired to grow, and given practical instruction on how to accelerate their personal or professional growth.

      Living Like You're Leaving

      In this talk/workshop I inspire people to live life with passion and purpose. I do so by helping the audience realize that death doesn't have to be viewed as morbid but actually should be viewed as a motivator for life. Once we grasp that one day we are all going to die then we can reverse engineer our life to live a life of passion that is tied to a meaningful purpose. This talk is highly motivational, engaging, and extremely practical. 




      Identifying and Overcoming Growth Barriers  

      In this talk/workshop I offer 10 indicators to help a leader assess if they have plateaued in their personal or professional growth. I then present 5 potential growth barriers to consider and offer practical ways to move through these barriers and into your next level of personal and professional growth. 

      Moving Into Your NEXT

      Every leader has 6 potential stages of development. However, few leaders move through all 6 stages. In this talk/workshop I help leaders identify which one of the six stages they are in, what they are learning in that particular stage, and how to move to their next stage. I also help leaders navigate through stage 4, which is the most critical stage in the life of a leader. I then introduce the leader to stage 5 - which is the most fruitful and fulfilling season in the life of any leader.  

      Staying Power: Core Ideas To Sustainability In Leadership 

      The current state of leadership is at all time crisis. All the stats confirm the fact that the fallout, burnout and check-out rate among leaders has never been higher and it's increasing every year. Using stories and strategies learned from my own life and many years of leadership, I help leaders consider 5 core ideas needed for sustainability in leadership.  

      A Christian Leader's Healthy Heart Checkup  

      In this workshop I help pastors/Christian leaders assess the current state of their inner life and then offer practical ways to live and lead out of a heart that's healthy and whole.  This workshop is especially helpful for pastoral teams within a local church, a group of pastors within a city or geographic region or a group of pastors within their denominational affiliation.

      For Leaders: Focus Your Life, Focus

      • Discover YOUR North-Star

      • Craft YOUR Life-Focus Purpose Statement

      • Identify and Overcome Potential Growth Barriers

      • Design A Process and Plan That Works For YOU!

      This course is available online or through one-on-one coaching.

      For Focus Your Life, Focus Your Leadership online course click HERE




      A Practical Guide For Turning Churches Into Disciple-Making Communities 

      There is a great cry in the church world today to return to God’s mandate to “go and make disciples.” In this talk/workshop, I help pastors and their teams, think through, in very practical ways and with some very practical steps, how to move their church from a consumer congregation to a disciple-making community.

      6 Steps For Building And Maintaining Unity In The Local Church 

      There is nothing more challenging than building and maintaining unity in the local church. In this talk/workshop, I communicate from my own 30 plus years of Christian leadership, 6 very practical lessons on how to build and maintain unity in the local church.

      Focus: A Practical Guide To A Fruitful Life

      God wants every person to be a good steward of the life He's given us. In this talk/workshop I inspire people to live a life of purpose, and in the process become the person God wants them to become and accomplish the things God wants them to accomplish. If you want your congregation to live fruitful lives – this workshop will help them do so. 

      Form: A Practical Guide To Becoming Like Christ  

      In this workshop I offer a practical framework on how to become more like Christ. This is not a step-by-step formula but it does provide the inspiration and instruction to help a person clearly move – in a proactive way –into the nature of Christ. If you want your congregation to grow in spiritual maturity – this workshop will help you do so.