Living on Purpose



If you're like most of my readers, you want to live a life that counts. We all do.

But too often many of us feel overwhelmed and overworked. We feel scattered, like we're running really hard but getting nowhere fast. Or we feel stuck: stuck in our job, stuck in our weekly responsibilities, stuck in endless routines!


We want more!



We want our life to count. We long to make greater contributions to our spouse, kids, and community. We deeply desire to live a life that really matters!  

BUT...the hurried pace, competing demands, and unexpected turns in life, keep us from living the kind of life we desperately want. 


It Doesn't Have To Be That Way! 




I know firsthand first as a pastor and now as a speaker, author, coach, online trainer, husband, parent and grandparent – what it’s like juggling numerous roles and responsibilities while still trying to live a purposeful and productive life. I understand the struggle.   

Over the years I've been fortunate to figured out how to live a life that really matters! And I've also had the privilege of influencing thousands and training hundreds on how to focus their lives so they can make the contribution to life they deeply desire.


And I would love to do the same for you!   


If you’re looking to live a more focused life so you can live a more purposeful life, here are three ways my team and I can help. 



First, Join our Grow Community. It's FREE! Once you join you'll receive my top resources that will inspire and instruct you in your ongoing growth.


Second, check out my Life-Focus online coaching course. This online course offers you the same material and the same process I use in my One-on-One coaching course. However, you can purchase the online course for a fraction of the cost and work through it at your own pace and at your own convenience. 

grab our online course.


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Third, consider my One-on-One coaching. I would love to work with you and help you discover your Life-Focus (Personal North-Star), as well as help you put together a road map to get you where you want to go.