Local Churches


Partnering For ongoing Health and Growth

Is your church going through transition and in need of a little help? Does your church want to go to that next level but you aren't exactly sure how to get there? Or maybe you need to align your vision, strategy, and staff for greater effectiveness and you need a practical process to help you move in that direction?

Ken deeply appreciates pastors and passionately believes in the importance of the local church. With his many years as a student of the Church and a practitioner within the Church, Ken understands the demands of pastoral leadership and the unique dynamics of the local church. 


It is with this deep appreciation for pastors and the local church that Ken brings his 35 plus years of proven and practical leadership to serve lead pastors, and their staff and leadership teams, for the ongoing health and growth of the local church. 


Ken partners with local churches by providing one on one coaching to the senior leader, working with your staff and leadership teams, and through speaking and leading workshops, and seminars for your entire congregation.

Here's how Ken Can Help



Consider scheduling Ken for your local church. He offers a variety of workshops to instruct and inspire ongoing health and growth for the senior leader, staff, leadership core, and entire congregation.

Some of Ken's workshops include:

  • A Leaders' Advance Weekend

  • A 5 Step alignment process for greater ministry effectiveness 

  • Identifying and breaking growth barriers in life and leadership

  • Let’s Row – Together: Advancing the health and growth of the local church

  • 6 Steps to building and maintaining unity in the local church

  • A practical guide for turning churches into disciple-making communities

HERE'S What Others Are Saying about partnering with ken


Geoff Bullock, Church Planter // Blue Oaks Church
Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Ken’s ability to communicate complex ideas around leadership in tangible, easy to digest ways is remarkable. He writes and speaks as he lives – a constant source of wise counsel for young pastors. As a church planter, his teaching on leading from the inside out and focus on spiritual growth has been right on the money. Whether you have been in ministry for decades or a young pastor like me, I can’t think of another leader I would more highly recommend." 


Davey Blackburn, Pastor // Speaker // Author // Resonate Church - Indianapolis, Indiana

"Ken has a unique ability to assess where you're at as a church, where you want to go, and how to get you there. He applied strong leadership and church growth principles to our specific situation and helped guide my team in understanding what it will take for us to go to the next level in reaching people, while remaining healthy in the process. I'm honored to call Ken a mentor, coach and friend."



Lynn Furrow: Senior Pastor, Springs of Life
Cedar Rapids
, Iowa

"Ken is not only a great communicator, but also a spiritual father that imparts transformational truth that comes from a lifetime of experience. Our church has been both enriched and challenged in our ongoing relationship with Ken’s ministry. Ken’s impact has been felt in the coaching of our leaders and his challenge in our church to be fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. As a pastor, I highly recommend Ken’s ministry."