live well while you lead well


Why Are So Many Leaders Calling It Quits? 

Ever have those days when you just want to quit? You know you're running at a pace you simply can't sustain, and you honestly wonder how much longer you can do this “leadership thing.” Or even more alarming, are you concerned about who you are becoming in this process of leading others?

Well, join the crowd. 

Most of the confessions among today's leaders and almost all the statistics confirm this fact. The bailout, burnout, and fallout rates have never been higher and increasing every day. 




Grow! Don't Plateau! Grow! 

Or maybe you don't feel like calling it quits but you feel like you’ve plateaued. You know you have more to offer, but you’re not sure how to get there. Or maybe you just need someone to help you in your ongoing process of health and growth. 

Experienced Mentorship Makes All The Difference

With over 35 years of leadership experience, and now working directly with hundreds of leaders, Ken brings his expertise to help leaders live well while they lead well. From his own journey of life and leadership, he offers insight, ideas, and inspiration to assist you in your ongoing personal and professional growth. 



Are you looking for practical ways to continue to grow?  


here are 4 ways Ken and his team can help 







 Life-Focus Online Coaching Course 

In this course Ken: 

  • Helps leaders focus their lives so they can focus their leadership
  • Helps leaders craft their life-focus purpose statement
  • Helps leaders identify and overcome barriers that could hold them back
  • Helps leaders put together a plan that will work for them

For any leader who wants to live well while they lead well, focusing your life so you can focus your leadership is foundational.

Don't miss your opportunity to do so through this online coaching course.








One-on-One Coaching

In one-on-one coaching Ken:

  • Helps leaders establish practices and rhythms for ongoing health and growth
  • Helps leaders identify and overcome personal or professional growth barriers
  • Helps leaders discover and then live and lead out of their sweet-spot.
  • Helps leaders navigate through stage 4 - the most critical stage in the life of a leader
  • Helps leaders positions themselves for a fruitful and fulfilling finish.

I would love to work with you! 

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Staying Power: The 5 Core Ideas To Sustainability In Christian Leadership

Most of the confessions among today's Christian leaders and almost all of the statistics confirm the fact. The bailout, burnout, and fallout rates have never been higher and they're increasing every day.

In Staying Power, Ken gives honest and insightful ideas on how to stay healthy and whole from the inside out as you lead others. Ken's book is helping thousands of Christian leaders across a broad spectrum of the church and business world live well while they lead well. 

Get a copy for you and your team...today! 

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Leaders' Advance Workshop: Moving Into Your NEXT

There are 6 stages of development that every leader goes through. In this workshop Ken:

  • Helps a leader identify which one of the six stages they are currently in
  • Helps a leader identify what they are learning in that stage and what it will take to move into their next stage 
  • Helps a leader navigate through stage 4   the most critical stage in the life of a leader 
  • Helps a leader move into 3rd Quarter convergence the most fruitful and fulfilling season in the life of any leader 

This workshop is ideal for leadership teams and leadership gatherings, in a business, church, or civic setting.