What My Uncle Daryl's Death Taught Me - And Will Teach You - About Life

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My Uncle Daryl was dying from throat cancer

Many years ago, my dad and I, along with my seven year old daughter, drove from my home in Ohio to my uncle’s home in Michigan. My Uncle Daryl was dying from throat cancer.

When we arrived, Uncle Daryl, from his living room turned hospice room, faintly greeted us. Over the next few hours Dad and I played our guitars and sang some of Uncle Daryl’s favorite hymns, while my daughter, danced and twirled, worshipping with us.

We talked, reminisced, reflected…and the day passed.  

Ten words Uncle Daryl said that has marked my life ever since

As we prepared to leave, Dad and I intertwined our hands with Uncle Daryl’s, and with pain in our hearts, we prayed. When we finished praying, with regret in his sunken eyes and sorrow in his soul, Uncle Daryl, looked me in the eyes and in a weak voice whispered,

“Oh how I wish I could live my life over again.”

Uncle Daryl died within days

I have never forgotten the sobriety of those words or the sacredness of that day. They have marked how I’ve chosen to live ever since. 

So how about you?

  • When you die will you have lived a life that mattered?

  • At the end of your life, what will you have done with the life you’ve been given?

  • When death comes and gets you, what kind of life will you have lived? 

These are honest and sobering questions. And they’re questions that need to be ask now, not later.

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