I Got Smacked Today!


Getting Things Done

I was at home in my office getting some work done.

I walked down the hall to my wife’s art studio, and in casual conversation, Missy mentioned she had just received news that a friend of ours who had been a part of a church where we had recently pastored, had just died. She was diagnosed with cancer and within three months, she had passed.

When my wife told me the news, I barely acknowledged it. I think I said something like, “Oh, that’s too bad, she was such a good person” and just kept going on with whatever I was working on.

I Got Smacked

A few minutes later I jumped into my car and headed out to the gym for a workout.

That’s when I got smacked.

As I was driving down the road, it hit me. I hadn’t even slowed down long enough to acknowledge that someone who had once been close to us, someone who had been very involved in a church where I had only recently pastored, I hadn’t even taken the time to acknowledged her death.

God Smacked Me

Some would call it conviction. But call it what you want, that’s when I got smacked…and honestly…I think it was God who smacked me. I was really shocked at my calloused response. I was Convicted. I felt Remorseful. I was Ashamed. My heart was Grieved.

Seriously, was my daily routine, my daily tasks, my current work projects - really that important? Couldn’t I slow down long enough to feel the emotions of loss, of sorrow, of grief? Couldn’t I stop long enough to reflect on some of the fond memories of this one-time friend? Couldn’t I change gears long enough to feel my feelings of appreciation for a former supportive friendship?


What had happened to me? Did I really think my life and the things in my life were really that important? Had the “driveness” of my days caused me to drive right by the things that were most important? In my robotic work had I forgotten what it means to be human - to be in touch with my own humanness and the humanness of those around me?

God Forgive Me

Right there, while driving down the road in my car, I made this sincere confession: “Oh God, forgive me!”

Not sure if you have the same waywardness caused by the driveness of your days that I’ve had, but if so, let’s encourage one another to slow down long enough to live. Let’s find more time to laugh, cry, reflect, remember, love, talk, connect, feel, emote…let’s find the time to live.

How About You?

I’m glad I got smacked! How about you? If so, consider it done!

Ken L Roberts

Ken Roberts