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9 Signs You May Be Dangerously Depleted As A Leader
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Are you aware when you energy level and motivational level is pretty much on empty? Even dangerously so?

Ruth Haley Barton, in her excellent book, Strengthening The Soul of Your Leadership, gives 9 signs to consider.

Irritability or Hypersensitivity  - things that normally wouldn't bother you put you over the edge.

Restlessness - we are overstimulated, mind, body and emotions, and can't sleep.

Compulsive Overworking - just work a little harder and a little longer and we'll get caught up.

Emotional Numbness - limited feelings of things either good or bad.

Escapist Behavior - compulsive eating, drinking, television, surfing the internet, pornography...

Disconnected From Our Identity and Calling - we've lost our way in who we are and what we've been gifted to do

Not Able To Attend To Human Needs - we don't have time to take care of basic needs such as exercise, eating right, sleeping enough, going to the doctor...

Hoarding Energy - we guard what little energy we have left and feel threatened by anyone who wants anything more from us

Slippage In Our Spiritual Practices - practices that are normally life-giving become burdensome

Not sure about you, but at one time or another, in my 35-plus years of leadership, I've experienced all of these.

If I can help you in your ongoing health and growth, I'd be honored to do so.

Live Well, Lead Well