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Is Leadership Twisting You or Transforming You?
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As Christian Leaders we know that God is committed to shaping us into the likeness of His son and that He will use all things toward that end.

But the question is,

Do we see the everyday challenges of leadership as an opportunity for God’s shaping in our life to occur?

I Didn’t!

For many years I didn’t.

But through some hard knocks in life and leadership and cultivating a completely new mental and emotional shift toward the challenges of leadership - I now have a completely different view.

  • Instead of seeing a conflict with someone under my leadership as a battle to be won, I now see it as an opportunity for my own personal growth.

  • Instead of viewing the challenges that come with leading as just another aggravation, I now see it as an opportunity to be transformed into the image of His son.

  • Instead of my attitude starting with that thought that the issue is about the other person or even about the problem, I now start with the attitude that issue is about what God wants to do in my life through this situation.

  • Instead of starting with the thought “who is right or wrong in this situation?” or “how am I going to win this disagreement?” I now start by asking, “God, how do You want to use this situation to shape me into the image of Your son?”

How About You?

Unfortunately, I’ve seen too many Christian leaders become more twisted than transformed through their leadership journey. And honestly, I’ve dealt with the same challenge.

But for us as Christian leaders the question becomes:

  • How are we allowing the things that happen in our life and leadership to shape us?

  • Are we becoming more hardened or more humble?

  • Are we becoming more cynical or more gracious?

  • Are we becoming more resentful or more thankful?

  • Are we becoming more bitter or more compassionate?

As A Fellow Traveler…

As a fellow traveler, I would encourage you to take some time and be honest to whether life and leadership is transforming you or twisting you?

Living and Leading On Purpose

Ken L Roberts

PS: If I can help you continue to live well as you lead well, I’d be honored. Email me at or call me at 216-374-0016

4 Principles To Ongoing Health and Growth In The Life of A Leader
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I recently did a workshop for the pastoral team of a local church. They asked me to speak on Live Well, While You Lead Well.

4 Principles To Consider

I offered four principles for them to consider. It seemed helpful to them, so I offer those same principles here for your consideration.

Principle # One: What’s Happening In Us Is The Most Important Thing About Us

God is an inside-out God. He always does things in us before He does things through us. So to have a life of ongoing health and growth we need to be aware (self-aware) of what God is doing in us.

Too many leaders run to fast to really know what’s happening in them, and if we’re not careful, while running 50 mph, looking off to the right and then to the left, we don’t see the brick wall waiting for us just 50 feet ahead.

If you want to live a life of ongoing health and growth, we have to slow down long enough to really know what’s happening in you.

Principle # Two: Who You and I Will Be Tomorrow We Are Becoming That Person Today. 

Each of us have a “Being” side and a “Doing” side. And we should always be cultivating both. We need to ask ourself:

  • What areas of the nature of Christ am I cultivating today, so that I can be more like Christ in that area tomorrow?

  • What skills am I developing today so that I can be more proficient and effective in those skills tomorrow?

I don’t need a crystal ball to predict who you will be or what you will accomplish. It’s not mystery. All I need to know is what areas you are sowing and cultivating in your life and leadership today. That’s what will determine who you will be tomorrow and what you will accomplish tomorrow.

Principle # 3: Know and Embrace Your Limits

Each of us have limited time, talents, and energy. We also have limited spheres of leadership. So if we are going to have ongoing health and growth in our lives as leaders, knowing our limits, and willingly embracing them will keep us safe and sane.

I’ve found 3 things that have helped me know and embrace my limits:

  • Identify - knowing who I am in Christ: I’m a son loved by the Father!

  • Purpose - clearly knowing what God has assigned me to do.

  • Season - knowing what season of life I’m in. Is it a season of acceleration? A season of advancement? A season or rest? A season of realignment? A season of perseverance? A season of promotion? Etc.

Principle # 4: Live and Lead Out Of Order

Any leader who is going to live an ongoing life of health and growth must live out of healthy rhythms.

Personally, I’m convinced that satan hides in the shadows of hurry, chaos, confusion, and disorder, just waiting for our lives to be out-of balance, then jumps out of the shadows and gives us a good punch to the head (and heart).

In fact, how many leaders do you know who have been “taken out” by the enemy as a result of the accumulative effect of living out of a life of disorder.

Establishing and maintain healthy habits and restful rhythms is key to longevity in the life of a leader.

If I Can Help.

I have a huge desire to help leaders live well while they lead well and to maintain a life of ongoing health and growth. If I can help you, in anyway, I’d be honored.

Here are some specific ways I might be able to help.

Living and Leading On Purpose,

Ken L Roberts


9 Signs You May Be Dangerously Depleted As A Leader
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Are you aware when you energy level and motivational level is pretty much on empty? Even dangerously so?

Ruth Haley Barton, in her excellent book, Strengthening The Soul of Your Leadership, gives 9 signs to consider.

Irritability or Hypersensitivity  - things that normally wouldn't bother you put you over the edge.

Restlessness - we are overstimulated, mind, body and emotions, and can't sleep.

Compulsive Overworking - just work a little harder and a little longer and we'll get caught up.

Emotional Numbness - limited feelings of things either good or bad.

Escapist Behavior - compulsive eating, drinking, television, surfing the internet, pornography...

Disconnected From Our Identity and Calling - we've lost our way in who we are and what we've been gifted to do

Not Able To Attend To Human Needs - we don't have time to take care of basic needs such as exercise, eating right, sleeping enough, going to the doctor...

Hoarding Energy - we guard what little energy we have left and feel threatened by anyone who wants anything more from us

Slippage In Our Spiritual Practices - practices that are normally life-giving become burdensome

Not sure about you, but at one time or another, in my 35-plus years of leadership, I've experienced all of these.

If I can help you in your ongoing health and growth, I'd be honored to do so.

Live Well, Lead Well